Disability Accommodations

Disability accommodations are for students being referred from agencies covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (Disability Services and Psychological Disability Services). Some examples of disability accommodations include, but are not limited to: visual alarms for hearing impaired students, automatic door openers, accessible assignments for students in wheelchairs, etc.

Students who require accommodations due to mobility or other disabilities should contact Disability Services at 413-545-0892 for assistance and additional information, as all such students must first register with Disability Services in order to qualify for services. Disability Services and Residential Life Student Services will work with otherwise qualified students to accommodate their needs. The University has a practice of relocating programs and activities when necessary to make the programs and activities accessible to persons with disabilities.

Accommodations are granted based on level of necessity and space availability. Not every student who requests an accommodation such as a private room will be granted an accommodation. Some students may find that Residential Life cannot adequately meet their housing needs and may pursue appropriate accommodations through the housing exemption process.

Requesting a disability accommodation: 

1. If you are a student with a disability, contact Disability Services at 413-545-0892 to discuss your accommodation needs.

2. If your accommodation is approved, Disability Services will contact Residential Life Student Services on your behalf. It may take up to 15 business days for our office to receive your accommodation. Once the accommodation has been received in our office, it will be in effect for the next assignment process.