Billing Appeal

Billing Appeal Form

Students wishing to appeal charges associated with housing assignments such as room rent, early arrival, or cancellation fees, may complete a Billing Appeal Form. Please complete the form, provide a personal statement and any additional documentation, and mail, fax, or deliver the appeal to 235 Whitmore Administration Building. A letter will be sent, informing you of the decision, within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal. For additional information about appealing a fee, contact Residential Life Student Services at (413) 545-2100.

Students interested in submitting a final appeal after their initial appeal has been denied can email to request the Final Appeal form.

The following are examples of helpful documentation when submitting a billing appeal:

• Dated Hospital or Discharge Forms
• Doctor's Note
• Bill for Medical Services related to the appeal

• Dated Termination Paperwork
• Proof of Unemployment Benefits
• Dated letters confirming a change in Financial Aid award, include previous award as well for comparison.
• Any document indicating extreme financial circumstances
• Budget that shows current financial situation drastically better