Avoidable Fees

The following fees are applied when students fail to follow Residential Life processes related to their housing assignment. Fees related to lost room keys can be viewed here

Unauthorized Move Fee

Students who move without prior approval from either Residential Life Student Services or the Residence Director into a vacant space will be assessed an unauthorized move fee of $150. The student who is officially assigned to that room will also be billed a fee of $150 for allowing the unauthorized move to occur.

Blocked Room Fee

Any student who has created a situation in the room they are assigned that prohibits another student from successfully checking into that assigned space will be assessed a blocked room fee of $150. Creating a "block" includes but is not limited to: spreading out one's belongings on both sides of the room, both sets of furniture or pieces of furniture being occupied by one resident, not allowing an assigned student to move into the space in his/her room, etc or failing to check out in a timely manner when cancelling your assignment over wintersession. The blocked room fee can be assessed at any point during the academic year including wintersession if Residential Life determines a room is not ready for a new resident.

Improper Check Out Fee

Failure To Vacate 
Any student who fails to vacate their residence hall by the posted closing time for Thanksgiving, Wintersession, Spring Break or Spring Closing will be assessed a $150 improper check out fee.

Failure to Remove Belongings and Return Key
Any student who fails to check out properly between semesters or prepare the vacant space in their room for the following semester will be assessed an improper check out fee. An official check-out includes removing all of your belongings from the space and turning in your key to the Residential Service Desk. The fee is determined by the date the room is prepared for occupancy and/or by the date of the official check-out by the fall resident. The fee schedule is listed below:

Room Prepared/Check-Out Performed on or during:
The Early Arrival Period for Spring: $175 fee
Opening Day: $250 fee
Opening Week (through Saturday): $400 fee

Any student who fails to prepare the room and/or participate in a proper check out after opening week will incur a $400 improper check out fee and additional charges based on the housing fee refund schedule.

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