Employee Spotlight

Meet Brittany Marcinowski

Meet Christy FrechetteA ray of sunshine coming towards you down the hall. Even if you couldn’t see her, you could sense her sunset pink aura. “Hello!” she says, with a big smile on her face, “We are here for Coffee Surprise!”  You guessed it right! You are in the presence of Brittany Marcinowski.

Brittany is the Housing Operations Assistant for Orchard Hill and Central Residential area.  She signs out student room and public space keys, coordinates card access for staff, interacts with contractors and vendors, maintains residence hall room and lounge furniture, and maintains key records for students and employees.  Brittany has been in this role for three years, but her story at UMass started long before. It was exactly seven years ago when Brittany was an undergrad and started working in the Cance key office as a student employee. After graduation, Brittany transitioned to UHS patient services, then moved onto Advancement, and finally circled back to Residential Life Facilities Operations where it all started.

“Although UMass is a large campus, the close-knit community makes it feel much smaller”, she says.  Despite the number of people at UMass, she loves seeing familiar faces every day, whether it be past coworkers or students she has met through the years. UMass helped Brittany’s career development through the many resources it offers, such as Workplace Learning and Development workshops and trainings. Brittany took a Supervisor Leadership course through WLD which prepared her to supervise student workers and gave her the necessary resources and knowledge to grow as a supervisor.

She is proud to be one of the brilliant Workplace Positivity Committee members trying to make a positive difference for all employees, even if it’s just offering a coffee and sharing a brief conversation. She is glad to get to know colleagues and to show appreciation for their work. Brittany’s advice for her colleagues is to not be afraid to go out of their comfort zone, to reach out to a coworker and see if you can help with anything. To her, true leadership means to be honest, open-minded, to be an active listener and to have strong communication skills. If she had to describe herself in only a few words, they would be positive, empathetic, and organized. Brittany is thankful for the supportive and caring people in her life, including family, friends and coworkers.

An interesting fact about Brittany is she has a 2 year old cat named Norman, which might not actually be a surprise to you since she loves to show pictures of him!

Spotlight challenge: Share with Brittany one of your best memories at UMass.

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