Peer Mentor Position

The Peer Mentor application for Fall 2022 is now OPEN!  Please visit our Selection Page for more information.

Are you a former PM looking to return to the position for Spring 2022 or Fall 2022?  If so, please email for information about the reactivation process.

Peer Mentors are live-in, student staff members focused on supporting first-year students through their transitions to the rigors of University academics. Peer Mentors assist first-year students in acclimating to their new environment, providing them with the tools and insights needed for meaningful academic engagement with faculty and staff as well as fellow students.

PMs spend the majority of their time in the hall mentoring and supporting students on their individual floors as well as holding office hours in Residential Academic Success Centers (RASCs) found in each residential cluster. PMs receive ongoing training throughout the semester to provide timely support on academic transitions topics like time management, test-taking and registration tips. All content is specific to first-year students and their needs.

PMs also provide programs connected to overall critical learning goals for first year students, throughout the semester. Knowing the importance of connecting students with members of the faculty, PMs work to make faculty members more accessible to students via faculty initiatives and programs as well as taking students to lectures and other campus-wide events.

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