Reading Groups




UMass Funny Languages Breakfast

Seth Cable Breakfast meetings on topics related to underdescribed languages.
Acquisition Group Thomas Roeper Meetings about research in the field of primary language acquisition.
Area Workshop - Phonetics & Phonology Kristine Yu  
Phonetics/Phonology Reading Group Claire Moore-Cantwell Group discussion related to phonology and phonetics.
Prosody Group Elisabeth Selkirk The Prosody Group includes students and faculty and visitors from Linguistics, Psychology and Communication Disorders who are interested in prosody.
Syntax & Semantics Group Jason Overfelt A great opportunity to get together with other S-siders to present and get feedback on ongoing work over dinner and drinks. See the calendar here.
Psych! (EM) Brian Dillon  
Area Workshop - Syntax & Psycholinguists Brian Dillon  
Area Workshop - Semantics Seth Cable