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Emeritus, Adjunct, and Allied Faculty

Emeritus faculty

Bach, Emmon
Professor Emeritus
Syntax, semantics

Emmon passed away in November, 2014. Remembering Emmon »

Frazier, Lyn
Professor Emerita
Syntactic Processing, Processing Ellipsis, Prosodic Constraints on Parsing, Effect of the Question Under Discussion on processing
(413) 545-6827
Office: ILC N404 650 N. Pleasant St  
Freeman, Donald C.
Founding Head of Department
Harris, Alice
Professor Emerita
Historical linguistics, morphology, languages of the Caucasus, psycholinguistics of understudied languages
Higgins, F. Roger
Associate Professor Emeritus
Syntax, historical linguistics
Kratzer, Angelika
Professor Emerita
Semantics, Syntax/Semantics Interface
(413) 545-6829
Office: ILC N420 650 N. Pleasant St
Partee, Barbara H.
Distinguished University Professor Emerita, Linguistics and Philosophy & Lecturer
Formal Semantics
(413) 545-6832
Office: ILC 407 650 N. Pleasant St
Selkirk, Elisabeth
Professor Emerita
Phonology, prosody, interfaces of phonology with syntax, semantics
(413) 545-6831
Office: ILC N405 650 N. Pleasant St
Speas, Margaret
Professor Emerita
Syntax, Understudied Languages, Language Revitalization

Office: ILC N407 650 N. Pleasant St

Adjunct faculty

Altshuler, Daniel
Assistant Professor, Linguistics (Hampshire College)
Semantics & Pragmatics
Office: Adele Simmons Hall, Room 219 Hampshire College  
Amaral, Luiz
Associate Professor, Hispanic Linguistics
Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning (ICALL), Second Language Acquisition, and Syntax
(413) 545-4790
Office: Herter 404
Armstrong-Abrami, Meghan
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Linguistics
Intonation/Prosody, Intonational meaning, Menatl State Language, L1 Acquisition,and Non-standard varieties of Spanish and English
(413) 545-4910
Office: Herter Hall
Borschev, Vladimir


formal language theory, formal and lexical semantics
Freeman, Donald C.
Founding Head of Department
Jesse, Alexandra
Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Psycholinguistics, speech perception, audiovisual speech perception
(413) 545-2175
Office: Tobin 433
Potts, Christopher
Professor, Linguistics (Stanford)
Pragmatics, semantics, computation
(650) 723-0388
Office: 101 Building 460, Stanford University
Rothstein, Robert
Professor of Judaic and Slavic Studies and of Comparative Literature
Slavic and Yiddish linguistics
(413) 545-0894
Office: Herter 741
Sanders, Lisa
Associate Professor, Psychology
Selective auditory attention in speech processing
(413) 545-5962
Office: Tobin 429
Staub, Adrian
Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
(413) 545-5925
Office: Tobin Hall 430
Velleman, Shelley
Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders (UVermont)
Acquisition and disorders of phonology
(802) 656-3868
Office: 402 Pomeroy Hall, University of Vermont


Allied faculty

Bolozky, Shmuel
Professor, Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies
Modern Hebrew phonology and morphology
(413) 545-6780
Office: 742 Herter Hall
Bricker, Phillip
Professor, Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of Language
(413) 545-5785
Office: 356 Bartlett Hall
Cathey, James E.
Professor (Ret), Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Germanic phonology, Finnish phonology
(413) 545-2350 
Office: 506 Herter Hall
Clifton, Charles
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology
(413) 545-2653
Office: 435 Tobin Hall
de Villiers, Jill
Professor, Department of Psychology, Smith College
Language acquisition
(413) 585-3907
Office: 401 Bass Hall, Smith College
Feinstein, Mark
Professor of Linguistics, Hampshire College
Animal vocalization, cognition, and behavior
(413) 559-5551
Office: 206 Adele Simmons Hall, Hampshire College
Freyman, Richard
Professor, Department of Communication Disorders
(413) 545-0298
201C Communication Disorders Building
Hoover, Jill
Assistant Professor
Phonological acquisition and disorders, Grammatical acquisition and Specific Language Impairment
Office: 308 Communication Disorders Building
Klement, Kevin C.
Logic, syntax
(413) 545-5784
Office: 353 Bartlett Hall
Perez Carballo, Alejandro
Assistant Professor
Philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of mathematics, metaethics, metaphysics, epistemology
(413) 545-8136
Office: 363 Bartlett Hall 130 Hicks Way
Wallace, Rex
Professor, Department of Classics
Italic and Etruscan linguistics
(413) 545-5779
Office: 520 Herter Hall
Weisler, Steven
Provost, Dominican University of California
(415) 458-3759
Office: 210 Guzman Hall, Dominican University of California