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Emeritus, Adjunct, and Allied Faculty

Emeritus faculty

Bach, Emmon
Professor Emeritus
Syntax, semantics

Emmon passed away in November, 2014. Remembering Emmon »

Frazier, Lyn
Professor Emerita
Syntactic Processing, Processing Ellipsis, Prosodic Constraints on Parsing, Effect of the Question Under Discussion on processing lyn@linguist.umass.edu
(413) 545-6827
Office: ILC N404 650 N. Pleasant St  
Freeman, Donald C.
Founding Head of Department
Poetics d.freeman4@verizon.net
Harris, Alice
Professor Emerita
Historical linguistics, morphology, languages of the Caucasus, psycholinguistics of understudied languages acharris@linguist.umass.edu
Higgins, F. Roger
Associate Professor Emeritus
Syntax, historical linguistics frh@linguist.umass.edu
Kratzer, Angelika
Professor Emerita
Semantics, Syntax/Semantics Interface kratzer@linguist.umass.edu
(413) 545-6829
Office: ILC N420 650 N. Pleasant St
Partee, Barbara H.
Distinguished University Professor Emerita, Linguistics and Philosophy & Lecturer
Formal Semantics partee@linguist.umass.edu
(413) 545-6832
Office: ILC 407 650 N. Pleasant St
Selkirk, Elisabeth
Professor Emerita
Phonology, prosody, interfaces of phonology with syntax, semantics selkirk@linguist.umass.edu
(413) 545-6831
Office: ILC N405 650 N. Pleasant St
Speas, Margaret
Professor Emerita
Syntax, Understudied Languages, Language Revitalization pspeas@linguist.umass.edu

Office: ILC N407 650 N. Pleasant St

Adjunct faculty

Altshuler, Daniel
Assistant Professor, Linguistics (Hampshire College)
Semantics & Pragmatics daltshul@gmail.com
Office: Adele Simmons Hall, Room 219 Hampshire College  
Amaral, Luiz
Associate Professor, Hispanic Linguistics
Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning (ICALL), Second Language Acquisition, and Syntax amaral@spanport.umass.edu
(413) 545-4790
Office: Herter 404
Armstrong-Abrami, Meghan
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Linguistics
Intonation/Prosody, Intonational meaning, Menatl State Language, L1 Acquisition,and Non-standard varieties of Spanish and English armstrong@spanport.umass.edu
(413) 545-4910
Office: Herter Hall
Borschev, Vladimir


formal language theory, formal and lexical semantics borschev@linguist.umass.edu
Freeman, Donald C.
Founding Head of Department
Poetics d.freeman4@verizon.net
Jesse, Alexandra
Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Psycholinguistics, speech perception, audiovisual speech perception ajesse@umass.edu
(413) 545-2175
Office: Tobin 433
Potts, Christopher
Professor, Linguistics (Stanford)
Pragmatics, semantics, computation cgpotts@stanford.edu
(650) 723-0388
Office: 101 Building 460, Stanford University
Rothstein, Robert
Professor of Judaic and Slavic Studies and of Comparative Literature
Slavic and Yiddish linguistics rar@slavic.umass.edu
(413) 545-0894
Office: Herter 741
Sanders, Lisa
Associate Professor, Psychology
Selective auditory attention in speech processing lsanders@psych.umass.edu
(413) 545-5962
Office: Tobin 429
Staub, Adrian
Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Psycholinguistics astaub@psych.umass.edu
(413) 545-5925
Office: Tobin Hall 430
Velleman, Shelley
Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders (UVermont)
Acquisition and disorders of phonology shelley.velleman@uvm.edu
(802) 656-3868
Office: 402 Pomeroy Hall, University of Vermont


Allied faculty

Bolozky, Shmuel
Professor, Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies
Modern Hebrew phonology and morphology shmuel.bolozky@judnea.umass.edu
(413) 545-6780
Office: 742 Herter Hall
Bricker, Phillip
Professor, Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of Language bricker@philos.umass.edu
(413) 545-5785
Office: 356 Bartlett Hall
Cathey, James E.
Professor (Ret), Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Germanic phonology, Finnish phonology cathey@german.umass.edu
(413) 545-2350 
Office: 506 Herter Hall
Clifton, Charles
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology
(413) 545-2653
Office: 435 Tobin Hall
de Villiers, Jill
Professor, Department of Psychology, Smith College
Language acquisition jdevil@science.smith.edu
(413) 585-3907
Office: 401 Bass Hall, Smith College
Feinstein, Mark
Professor of Linguistics, Hampshire College
Animal vocalization, cognition, and behavior mhfCCS@hampshire.edu
(413) 559-5551
Office: 206 Adele Simmons Hall, Hampshire College
Freyman, Richard
Professor, Department of Communication Disorders
Hearing rlf@comdis.umass.edu
(413) 545-0298
201C Communication Disorders Building
Hoover, Jill
Assistant Professor
Phonological acquisition and disorders, Grammatical acquisition and Specific Language Impairment jrhoover@comdis.umass.edu
Office: 308 Communication Disorders Building
Klement, Kevin C.
Logic, syntax klement@philos.umass.edu
(413) 545-5784
Office: 353 Bartlett Hall
Perez Carballo, Alejandro
Assistant Professor
Philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of mathematics, metaethics, metaphysics, epistemology apc@philos.umass.edu
(413) 545-8136
Office: 363 Bartlett Hall 130 Hicks Way
Wallace, Rex
Professor, Department of Classics
Italic and Etruscan linguistics rwallace@classics.umass.edu
(413) 545-5779
Office: 520 Herter Hall
Weisler, Steven
Provost, Dominican University of California
Semantics steven.weisler@dominican.edu
(415) 458-3759
Office: 210 Guzman Hall, Dominican University of California