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Current Grants

These are the NSF research grants currently held by UMass Linguistics faculty (Linguistics faculty names are in bold). Dollar amounts are the total costs of the grants. Click the link on the title for more information, including a public summary.

Perception and production of clitics ($231,649)
Alice Harris (PI) Arthur Samuel (co-PI)
Inside Phonological Learning ($378,432)
Joe Pater (PI), Lisa Sanders (co-PI) (Collaborative grant with Elliott Moreton and Katya Pertsova, UNC)
Disjoint reference in real-time comprehension: Computational and cross-linguistic perspectives ($428,254)
Brian Dillon (PI)
CompCog: Collaborative Research: Testing quantitative predictions of sentence processing theories with a large-scale eye-tracking database ($256,684)
Brian Dillon (PI) (Collaborative research with Tal Linzen, NYU)
Understanding variation in African American Language: Corpus and prosodic fieldwork perspectives ($434,027)
Kristine Yu (PI), Lisa  Green (Co-PI), Brendan  O'Connor (Co-PI), Meghan  Armstrong-Abrami (Co-PI)
Bridging encoding and retrieval perspectives on sentence processing errors: Comparing Hebrew and English ($226,954)
Brian Dillon (PI), Aya Meltzer-Asscher (co-PI)
Representing and learning stress: Grammatical constraints and neural networks ($384,750)
Joe Pater (PI), Gaja Jarosz (co-PI)