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Welcome to Legal Studies

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Alan Gaitenby, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Department of Legal Studies
106 Gordon Hall, UMass/Amherst
Phone:  413-577-1394 / Fax: 413-545-1640
Email: gaitenby at
or gaitenby at



Alan Gaitenby has been with Legal Studies and the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution since 1999 when he began as the peer mediation project coordinator, Cyberweek administrator, and Center research associate.  Presently Gaitenby is the Center's assistant director. Gaitenby has been a teaching assistant, post-doc, and now lecturer for the legal studies department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Course offerings include: Civil Liberties, Law and Social Activism, Legal Communities and Cyberspace, Law and Media, Law's Mediation, Legal Fictions, Makin' it and Fakin' it, No Place To Hide: Law and Politics in the Information Age, and Online Dispute Resolution: Conflict in Cyberspace. Gaitenby's interests stretch from the construction of socially meaningful spaces (online and off), to the political and social implications of the discourse of exposure / privacy, and the aesthetics of data.  


Some publications:

"The Fourth Party Rises: Evolution of Environments of Online Dispute Resolution," in the Symposium on Enhancing Worldwide Understanding Through Online Dispute Resolution, University of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 38, Number 1, Fall 2006

"ICODR 2004: Enhancing Understanding," Asian Dispute Review, (August 2004)

"Online Dispute Resolution," The Internet Encyclopedia, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Fall 2003)

Proceedings of the Second United Nations Forum on Online Dispute Resolution (2003) Ethan Katsh, Alan Gaitenby and Colin Rule, eds.

“The First International Competition for Online Dispute Resolution: Is this Big, Different and New?” (co-author w/ Ben Davis) International Journal of Arbitration (Vol. 19 No. 4 August 2002)

"The Devil is in the Details: The Massachusetts Trial Court undertakes the ambitious task of making court records available online" – Western Massachusetts Law Tribune Advice of Counsel column (Winter, 2002).

"ODR – The American Experience" contributed chapter in Online Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems" Giuffrè Editore, Milan, Italy (Fall 2001).

ADRonline Monthly – Editor and Contributor (2000 - 2004).

"E-Commerce, E-Disputes, and E-Dispute Resolution: Learning from eBay and Other Online Communities," Ohio State Journal of Dispute Resolution (Summer 2000).

"Indigenous People - Global Issues," NativeWeb knowledge base of links, original writings and other materials which situate the on-going status of indigenous people in the international legal paradigm (Fall 1998).

"Law’s Mapping of Cyberspace: the shape of new social space," Special Issue on Law and Technology of Technological Forecasting and Social Change (Vol 52, Nos. 2 & 3, June/July 1996).

"Artificial Intelligence, Networks, and Law’s Philosophy," The Philosophy of Law - an Encyclopedia, (1996).


Class Webpages:

  • Legal 391C, No Place to Hide/Law & Privacy – Fall 2008 (in Word and pdf)
  • Legal 397P, Legal Fictions: Makin’ it and Fakin’ it – Fall 2008 (in Word and pdf)



The Department of Legal Studies is part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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