Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills (LATAS)

Theory Development

The third goal of LATAS is to develop a better understanding of learning disabilities. This involves working on theoretical descriptions of the origin of learning difficulties and the nature of the cognitive changes that occur when performance improves as a function of our interventions. For instance, the data we have collected shows that students who praticipate in our intervention program become better readers or better at math activities.

We want to understand the cognitive changes that mediate this improvement, and that requires the development and evaluation of a theory that ties together a description of the problem the student was initially experiencing with a description of the cognitive changes that result from effective intervention.


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Parents, are you concerned about learning disabilities?

If you are a researcher or an educator who is interested in further information about CAAS™ we encourage you to download a trial version of the Researchers Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software.


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