Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills (LATAS)

Educational Interventions

Our instructional efforts are guided by the results of our assessments. We identify the lowest level skill that appears to be blocking higher level academic performance and then engage the student in activities designed to strengthen that skill. The activities we prescribe are designed to improve both the speed and accuracy of performance.

When a student has improved a targeted skill to a sufficient degree, we switch our focus to a higher level skill and involve the student in activities that improve the efficiency (speed and accuracy) of that skill. When that skill is improved, we move to the next skill. For example, if a student was slow in letter processing, we might work on letters for a while, then move to word processing, and then to activation of word meanings, and finally to sentence processing.

After competency is attained in lower level skills, we begin to work on strategic learning skills. As instances, we teach students to use techniques that enable them to produce visual representations of the material they are studying and that help them to identify the important content in the textbooks they are studying.

Several of the intervention techniques we use are available in the Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software mentioned on the previous pages.

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If you are a researcher or an educator who is interested in further information about CAAS™ we encourage you to download a trial version of the Researchers Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software.


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