Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills (LATAS)

Do Our Efforts Work?

Our research is still in an early stage and we are constantly tinkering with things to make them more effective. We have report cards and standardized test scores for a number of students that show substantial academic gains while students were receiving LATAS services.

We will continue collecting this type of information because our ultimate goal is to improve grades, standardized test scores, and academic self-esteem.

Published descriptions of the effectiveness of our procedures can be found in three articles that are listed in my VITA that appears as a link on my home web page ( The first is an article that is published in a book Edited by Gary Phye (Royer, 1996). This article describes our efforts to improve reading performance.

A second article, authored by Royer and Tronsky (Royer & Tronsky, in press), describes our efforts at improving the performance of students with math disabilities. This article appears in a volume edited by Scruggs and Mastropieri. Finally, Cheryl Cisero-Durwin, Horace Marchant, Stan Jackson and I have an article soon to appear in the Journal of Educational Psychology (Cisero, Royer, Marchant & Jackson, in press) that describes our diagnostic work with college age learning disabled students.

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