Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills (LATAS)

Diagnostic Assessment

Our approach to academic assessment uses a number of diagnostic tools that we have been developing over a 15-year research program. At the highest level, we measure listening and reading comprehension and a variety of mathematical problem solving activities. We measure lower-level academic skills using a computer-based assessment system (called CAAS for Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software).

The Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software measures the speed and accuracy of simple perception, letter identification, word identification, nonword (pronounceable letter strings such as PLOK) identification, concept identification, sentence processing, number identification, and performance on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

We also can assess some of these skills in Spanish, and our math assessments cover performance up to algebra. The Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software provides information about how fast and accurately students can perform these activities.

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Parents, are you concerned about learning disabilities?

If you are a researcher or an educator who is interested in further information about CAAS™ we encourage you to download a trial version of the Researchers Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software.


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