Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills (LATAS)


To meet these needs, we ask participants to pay a modest fee to support our activities. Specifically, we ask participants pay $200 for a three-visit assessment process. This process involves administering our computer-based and non-computer-based diagnostic instruments, producing a report that describes the results of our assessments, and a consultation that explains the results of the assessment efforts and the academic interventions that are designed to improve academic skills. We also provide the materials that are to be used in the intervention efforts.

Following the assessment process, we ask participants to return for once-a- week visits. In that visit we examine the student's record of progress as recorded in the home or school study activities and we re-assess the student on our computer-based assessment system. These assessments enable us to keep a close check on progress and to change techniques that are not working or to move to a higher level task if sufficient progress has been made on a lower-level task. We ask participants to pay $25 for each of these visits.

In addition to the regular LATAS program, we also run a summer camp for students with learning difficulties. This camp offers the regular LATAS diagnostic and intervention activities, and in addition, integrated project activities that are designed to build competencies in reading, math, and writing. The camp is designed especially for students who might regress academically during summers.

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If you are a researcher or an educator who is interested in further information about CAAS™ we encourage you to download a trial version of the Researchers Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software.


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