Minor in Sustainable Community Development

Declaration of Minor form

The Sustainable Community Development Minor (former Environmental Design Minor) prepares students to create a more socially and environmentally balanced world through design and planning. Our courses provide both theoretical knowledge and professional skills in the cultural and ecological aspects of the built environment.

The undergraduate minor requires successful completion of five courses (at least 15 credits) selected from classes within the Sustainable Community Development curriculum.

Some classes for the Sustainable Community Development minor are available on-line courses during the summer. Additional classes in LANDARCH or REGIONPL may count toward the minor with prior approval of the Undergraduate Program Director. All coursework for the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better. Only 3-credit and 4-credit courses may be used.

The Sustainable Community Development classes are:

SUSTCOMM 110 Transforming Your World: Introduction to Community Engagement (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 125 Global Cities and Global Issues (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 140 Awareness of the Visual Environment (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 115 Intro to Environmental Design (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 205 Dynamics of Human Habitation (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 232 Sustainable Cities (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 297G Climate Change and Resilient Cities (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 297L Visual Communication: Design Principles and Digital Skills (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 314 Writing in Community Development and Landscape Architecture (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 333 Introduction to Community Economic Development (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 335 Plants in the Landscape (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 394RI Research Issues in Community Development (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 397P Planning Tools and Techniques (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 543 Landscape Architecture History I (4cr)
SUSTCOMM 544 Landscape Architecture History II (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 545 Intro to Land Use (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 574 City Planning (3cr)
SUSTCOMM 597A Digital Technology for Design Representation (3cr)
REGIONPL 577 Urban Policies (3cr)
REGIONPL 585 Planning for Climate Change (3/4cr)
LANDARCH 294A Construction Materials (3cr)
LANDARCH 297A Fundamentals of Design-Studio I (3cr) *with instructor permission only*
LANDARCH 297M Business Concepts of Landscape Contracting (3cr)
LANDARCH 547/L Landscape Pattern and Process + Lab (4cr)
LANDARCH 582 Landscape Green Urbanism (3cr)
LANDARCH 587 People and the Environment (3cr)
LANDARCH 591G Urban Greening Theory and Practice (3cr)
LANDARCH 592M Material Experiments (3cr)

500-level classes are in general available to Juniors and Seniors. Other prerequisites or restrictions may apply. Check SPIRE or contact Instructor.

Students interested in the SCD Minor must submit a Declaration of Minor form to the Program Director. The minor must be processed at the Registrar Office before you graduate.