Curriculum for students enrolled prior to Fall 2017

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Community Development (SCD) has undergone recent changes to reflect the evolving nature of our field, dealing with social and natural environments.

Formerly titled Environmental Design, this program was established in 1966 as a pre-professional undergraduate degree. The name was changed to Sustainable Community Development in the fall of 2014, and a curriculum update took place in the fall of 2017:

Before Fall 2017 After Fall 2017
7 core courses + IE 8 core courses, including IE

9 concentration classes,
selected from approved course list

6 concentration courses,
4 required courses and 2 selected from the approved list, except for the LDB Concentration, for which all 6 courses are required

17 classes total 14 classes total

This curriculum update, however, does not affect students that entered the University prior to Fall 2017 - the former program requirements apply:.
The Core Classes for SCD Students enrolled prior to Fall 2017 are:

Core Courses Credits Typical Term
LANDARCH 547 + 547L Landscape Patterns and Process + LAB 4 Fall
SUSTCOMM 205 Dynamics of Human Habitation 4 Spring
SUSTCOMM 394A Writing in Environmental Design & Landscape Arch. 3 Spring
SUSTCOMM 394RI Research Issues in SCD (IE) 3 Fall
SUSTCOMM 547 City Planning 3 Fall
SUSTCOMM 591B Sustainable Cities 3 Spring
Two of the three landscape history classes:    
SUSTCOMM 140 Awareness of the Visual Environment 4 Fall
SUSTCOMM 543 History of Landscape Architecture I 4 Fall
SUSTCOMM 544 History of Landscape Architecture II 3 Spring










Please follow the links below for the most recent list of Concentration approved courses: