Masters Projects

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Healing in a War Torn Nation: Cultivating a Restorative Environment in Afghanistan, Ryan P. Ball

Partnership Refuges: The Future of the National Wildlife Refuge System? A Case Study of Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge, Massachusetts, Margaret Catherine Engesser

Inside and Outside the Lines: The Socio-Ecological Differences of Landscape Conservation Partnerships and Their Surrounding Regions, Somaye Garmroudi Dovirani

A Mill Town's Downtown: Assessing the Needs of Ware's Main Street, Christina E. Mills

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Low Budget Planning for Natural Resources and Open Space Conservation in Whitingham, Vermont, Paul Gagnon

Grey Scars of the Past: Case-Study-Based Green Principles of Historic Mill Redevelopment with a Sustainable Future, Marianne E. Iarossi

Proposed Reuse and Redevelopment of the Salem Harbor Power Station, Salem, Massachusetts, Peter Matchak

Revitalization of an Urban Riverfront to Revitalize the Socio-Economic Conditions of Springfield, MA, Sneha Rasal

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The Role of Regional Planning in Ecosystem Conservation and Tools for Collaboration, Lindsey Britt

Illuminating Urban Agriculture: a new framework for understanding complexity, Helena K. Farrell

A Comparison of Resource-Centric VS. People-Centric Approaches to Open Space Planning: A Case Study in Jaffrey, NH, Mark W. Kresge

Participation in the Planning and Design of Public Open Space, Julie Meyer

A Methodology to Measure Emissions Generated by Automobile Trips to Schools Participating in Safe Routes to School, Joshua C. Rickman

Communicating Climate Change Impacts with Stakeholders on the Coast of Connecticut-Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, Cynthia L. White

Envisioning Yantian Urban Greenway: A Part of Pearl River Delta Greenway System in China, Xiao Zhou

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Green Infrastructure Application in the Chelsea River Subwatershed, Lianying Bao

The Caspian Coastal Greenway Vision Plan, Andrey C. Boskhomdzhiev

Adaptive Reuse of Former Catholic Churches as a Community Asset, Linnea Cara Duckworth

The Soundscape Planning of Mountain Park in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Brian Clayton Giggey

Cultivating a Common Ground: Community Gardens as Urban Infill in Springfield, Massachusetts, Christopher J. Jennette

A Green Core for the Maroon and Gold: Creating a Sustainable Campus Expansion at the University of Minnesota, Frank J. Varro

Reclaiming the Miracle Mile: A Greenway Park Design & Land Use Strategy for Springfield's Lower Mill River, Amy C. Verel

A Re-Design of The Native Orchid House at The Belize Botanic Gardens, Jill A. Weissman

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Direct-To-Business and Direct-To-Institution Marketing and Distribution Arrangements for Ethically-Based Farms: Reduced Value Chains and Other Strategies for Increasing the Viability of Mid-Sized Southern New England Farms, Evan C. Aird

Craigmillar Castle Park: Design Parameters in a Historic Designed Landscape and Scheduled Ancient Monument: Planning to Restore Attraction to a Dilapidated Park, Aaron M.N. Crowell

Watershed as Metaphor for Nested Hydrologic Systems, Christopher Todd Lynch

UMass Center for Exploration and Innovation in the Built Environment, Neal A. Overstrom

The Process and Issues of Creating a Cohousing Development with Affordable Units in an Affluent Community: Stamford, Connecticut, Jennifer M. Siciliano

The Impacts of Casino Development on Demographic and Land Use Changes Over Time: Planning for Palmer Massachusetts, Erin E. Wilson

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The Design Process of a Residential Project, Christine Gale

New Dirt on the Roof: Green Roofs for UMass Amherst, Lee Jennings

Redeveloping Amherst Town Center: Sustainable Zoning and Design with Form-based Codes, Nathaniel J. Malloy

Designing Base Station for Living Routes Auroville, India, Vandita Mudgal

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Hadley West Street Common and Great Meadow: a cultural landscape study, Patricia Laurice Ellsworth

Gateway as Greenway - Re-envisioning Gateway National Recreation Area: An inquiry into biophysical processes and cultural history to interpret a national park of the future, Beth Ann Fenstermacher

Making the Case for Transit-oriented Development in Downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts, John Hersey

Sustainable Industry at Various Scales: Regulatory Approaches, Green Urbanism, and Low Impact Site Design, Amy C. Verel

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Learning from Worcester Union Station: An Istea Success Story, Michael Di Pasquale

Visualization in Municipal Planning, Andrew C. Galusha

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Stormwater Management Trends: A review of tools, techniques and methods for design and development of the land with implications for sustainable design, William C. Cone

At-Home Workers and Home-Based Business Owners in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts: A Demographic and Economic Analysis, Theresa M. Perrone

Learning through Experience: an interpretive trail design for Nasami Farm, Mark Wamsley

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Preserving Modernist Space - Exploring the Spatial Integration of a House and Garden in Baltimore, J. Peter Witke

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Preservation of Small Town Character in the Town Center of Rutland, Massachusetts, Karen Good

H.H. Richardson Train Station, Holyoke: A Nineteenth Century Landscape for Twenty-first Century People, Nancy Howard

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Main Street Revitalization Master Plan - Memorial Square, Springfield, MA, Ignacio F. Campillo

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Eastern Pioneer Valley Greenway/Greenspace Planning: The Applications of Geographic Information Systems to the Regional Greenway/Greenspace Planning Process, Yongbin Sun

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Manual of Build-Out Analysis, Jeffrey R. Lacy

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