Ellen J. Pader
Ellen J. Pader
Emerita Professor of Regional Planning

Ellen J. Pader
Office: Design Building 319
Tel: 413-545-6620
Email: pader@umass.edu
Ph.D. in Anthropology, Cambridge University, 1981
B.A. in Art History and English, Kenyon College, 1972

Dr. Pader teaches in, and coordinates, the Social, Policy and Community concentration.  Her primary area of research is the cultural, social, and political facets of housing policy and design, with particular focus on subtle forms of housing discrimination. She teaches courses on social issues in planning from inter-ethnic, cross-cultural and social justice perspectives, including: identifying discriminatory practices on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender and class; social change; housing policy and social policy.  She also teaches qualitative research and interpretation. Dr. Pader has published on housing policy and design, social and spatial relations, and social theory with primary fieldwork in Mexico and the U.S.  Drawing on her interest in critical legal theory as it applies to planning, policy and housing discrimination, she directs the joint degree in Planning and Law with Western New England University's School of Law (a five-year program culminating in both a MRP degree from UMass and a Law degree from WNEU).  Dr. Pader is a faculty member in the Center for Public Policy and Administration as well as LARP.


SUSTCOMM 205 - Dynamics of Human Habitation
SUSTCOMM 195C - Transforming Your World: Introduction to Community Engagement
SUSTCOMM  205 - Dynamics of Human Habitation
SUSTCOMM/REGIONPL  577 - Urban Policies
REGIONPL  635 - Research Issues in Landscape Architecture

Recent News

Associate Professor Ellen Pader Wins Distinguished Community Engagement Award for Teaching
The award, granted by Provost Katherine Newman and the university’s Faculty Senate Council on Public Engagement and Outreach, recognizes one faculty member each year for his or her extraordinary accomplishments using community engagement to enhance students’ academic opportunities.  Read more.

Ellen Pader, associate professor in regional planning, has been named interim director of the office of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning (CESL).