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Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) Student Chapter

The Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) is the oldest chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), founded in 1913. BSLA is one of the largest chapters in the nation with members throughout Massachusetts and Maine.

The BSLA represents all students studying landscape architecture, both undergrad and grad, and welcomes participation by all. Membership registeration, please contact the treasurers listed below. 

2022 - 2023 Officer
Faculty Advisor: Mike Davidsohn

  • Co-President: Andrew Reilly and Haruka Kushida
  • Vice President: Lucas D'Entremont and Madeliene Lombard
  • Events Coordinator: Lucia Peña, Skylar Burns, Maia Medina, and Carrie Brooks
  • Media: Anamika Dargan, Luviana McLean, Matt Velasquez, Viktor Schneider 
  • Secratery: Zixin Chen, Kayleigh Lin



Events for the academic year of 2022-2023 are to be determined.


Fall 2022


Spring 2023