Waugh Alumni Board


Karen Sebastian MLA 1999 Sole proprietor, private LA practice

Jessica Allan MLA/MRP 2004 Valley Community Development

Rebecca A. Bachand BSLA 1998 Sole proprietor, private LA practice

Christine Brestrup MLA 1980 Planning Director, Town of Amherst

Sebastian (Bas) Gutwein BSED 2006 Private LA PracticeDavid Hancox  BSLA 1990 Sole proprietor, private LA practice

Carlton Hart MRP 2008 National Capital Planning Commission

Juan Camilo Osorio MRP 2006 Envir Justice NGO + Faculty, Pratt Institute

Peggy Sloan MLA 1990/MRP 1991 Director of Planning, Franklin Regional Council of Government

Jessie Crowley Waisnor BSLA 2002 Landscape Architect, Town of Brookline

Stacy Moriarty BSED 1978 MLA 1982 Private design consulting


Thanks to the generosity of a group of LARP alums, both recent and many that graduated decades ago, the department will have a new scholarship fund to support future students in the program. The Frank A. Waugh Alumni Board Support fund was created by a gift from past and current members of the Alumni Advisory Board and other generous alums.

Over the many years of their existence, the members of the Waugh Alumni Board had raised funds through contributions from LARP alumni. Recently the board voted to contribute the money to an endowment fund that could be used to support a variety of student needs and will provide that support in perpetuity.

The Waugh Board donation was $17,551.22 (as you can see in the ‘Big Check’ photo). That gift and others have put the total in the fund at just over $20,000.00.  Please consider a contribution today!