Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The LARP Fall 2019 Regional Planning Studio’s project “Economic Development in Boxborough, MA” was awarded the “Student Project Award” by the Massachusetts chapter of the American Planning Association. This award honors a project that works to achieve the organization’s goal of “creating great communities for all in Massachusetts.” Led by Assistant Professor, Camille Barchers, in conjunction with the Center for Economic Development at LARP, the students worked with the community to create a scenario plan that explored 4 alternative futures for the town of Boxborough, and compared how each scenario would contribute to the long-term economic resilience of the community. A portion of this project is visible here:

The RP students who drafted the award winning plan are listed below:

Daniel Beckley, Keith Benoit, Benjamin Breger, Stephen Cary, John Carolan, Ian Cyr, Dave Dreyer, Tamsin Flanders, Jiaqi Guo, Nathalie Irmer, Emily Lange, Marissa Mackson, Christian Nielsen, Joshua Nolan, Malcolm Ragan, Mary Richards, Jessica Schottanes, Monika Sharma, and Desirae Valentin