Wednesday, May 4, 2022

UMass BSLA Sophomore Fall 2021 studio, taught by Jane Thurber and Melinda Reid, developed concepts for a civic landscape space that links the Jones Library, Amherst History Museum, and the Town of Amherst.

The designs incorporate the 2020 schematic design of the Jones Library building, developed by Finegold Alexander Architects, Inc.

The design concepts explore principles of sustainability and address the historical context through recognizable archetypes like the New England town common, winding forms recalling the flow of the Connecticut River, and playful landforms mimicking glacial drumlins.

Students considered equity in their designs, creating landscape spaces large enough for people to share, circulation systems that are accessible for all, and spaces that are visually connected to the buildings and surrounding community, creating a sense of comfort and safety.

The studio work was featured this past weekend at a Jones Library Open House. The models and drawings will be exhibited at the Jones Library until Friday, May 6th.