Joseph S. R. Volpe

Professor of Landscape Architecture
M.L.A., Harvard, 1964
B.L.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1961
B.S., in Plant Science, University of California at Los Angeles, 1958

Teaches courses and studios in landscape architecture design, including a foundation studio on landscape media and the definition of garden and landscape space, the studio in urban design, and seminars on current issues in planning and design. Has developed a system of teaching using a sequence of three-dimensional spatial models to understand the media of the landscape-landform, water, plants, and structures and to design human spatial experiences. Professional work includes both public and private practice in South America, New Zealand, France and North America on projects ranging from large-scale design to gardens. Prof. Volpe explores the dynamics of landscape architecture as an art form and as a political and community process.

309 Hills North, 413-545-6642