Frank Sleegers

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Dipl.–ING, Hanover, Germany, 1996
M.L.A., University of Massachusetts, 1995

Frank Sleegers teaches design studios in landscape architecture and urban design. 
Sleegers work centers on strategies to rebuild urban environments through ecology, community, art and aesthetics in an interwoven comprehensive approach.

A large focus of his recent scientific research investigates human perception and aesthetics in relationship to infiltration systems as green infrastructure or the perception of suburban landscapes. Another area of his expertise is the building of site responsive and transformative ephemeral art work in urban environments.

Community service learning is investigated within the setting of urban design studios and design laboratories. A central role in the area of outreach plays the recently created UMass Amherst Design Center in Springfield.The Center is a former storefront that provides a physical footprint for theUniversity in the City. Sleegers had a central role in creating this center.

Frank Sleegers is a practicing landscape architect and artist with an office in Hamburg, Germany. Contributing to the livability of city life, his professional work includes numerous award winning competitions in urban design, parks, and plazas. Built works in landscape architecture include intimate gardens, roof top gardens, and renewal of urban and regional parks.

Prior to joining LARP in 2006, Frank Sleegers was a lecturer for landscape architecture design at the Department for Urban Planning - HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany from 2002 to 2005.


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