Regional Planning & Public policy (MRP/MPPA)


Professions in planning and public policy are often closely intertwined. For example, planners in local governments often aspire to become administrators at planning organizations and in government agencies. But many administrators without planning skills are hampered in their ability to lead effectively, especially in rapidly growing governments or organizations. Students who complete the MPPA/MRP dual degree program graduate ready for meaningful and effective careers at the national, state and local levels in public policy, management, and economic development and planning.

Students enrolled in dual degree programs may begin their studies in either program. It is best to complete a full year in one program before beginning the second program. During the second year students will fulfill the core requirements of the other program. Students will fulfill the remaining requirements of both programs in the third year of study.

Sample Program Timetable

Year 1
Fall Semester: MPPA Curriculum 
Spring Semester: MPPA Curriculum
Summer: MPPA Summer Internship(10 weeks full time or equivalent)     

Year 2
Fall Semester: MRP Curriculum 
Spring Semester: MRP/MPPA Curriculum

Year 3
Fall Semester: MRP Curriculum
Spring Semester: MPPA Capstone & MRP Thesis

To Apply

While applicants must meet each program's own admission standards, students only need to submit one application to the Graduate Admissions Office. Students already enrolled in one of the programs can apply to the other program during their first year to matriculate as a dual-degree MPPA/MRP candidate. Click here for more information about CPPA's admissions requirements.


February 1: Applications must be received by the Graduate Admissions Office to receive priority consideration for graduate assistantship funding.