Concentration in Horticultural Studies

The Concentration in Horticultural Studies is concerned with the small scale details of building and maintaining sustainable landscapes, and allows environmentally-aware students to explore different aspects of the rapidly expanding 'green industry'.

The Horticultural Studies concentration brings together scientific knowledge of plants, soils, and ecology with the theoretical and practical aspects of landscape design, construction technology and business management.  Although focusing on the small-scale details of the landscape, students in this field recognize the links between plants and humankind, and the role that plants play in contributing to our lives and to creating sustainable communities.

This field requires a theoretical and practical knowledge in these areas:

  • Soils: their properties and their organic inhabitants, requirements for sound plant growth, methods of soil modification to maximize healthy plant growth, and plant communities that develop on different types of soils.
  • The life of plants: environmental factors that encourage or inhibit plant growth, familiarity with the ecological principles that support organisms (both plants and animals), understanding of plants within their native habitats and communities, and knowledge of current research and the concepts of sustainability.
  • Relationships between plants and humans: plants for food and utility, horticulture and the cultivation of plants, the principles of designing the layouts of small properties, and the benefits of people-plant relationships.
  • Principles of landscape construction: techniques in the construction and maintenance of landscapes, control of storm water run-off and erosion, economics between various construction and management systems, and reading and creating construction drawings.
  • Business management: specific fields within the 'green industry', knowledge of the principles of estimating and accounting for small businesses, and awareness of legal responsibilities, insurances and other business responsibilities.

Students must take a total of 9 classes in their area of concentration.
In the Horticultural Studies concentration two specific concentration classes are required:

  • SusComm 335        Plants in the Landscape (fall semester)
  • LandArch 294A    Construction Materials (spring semester)

In addition to the two classes listed above, students in the Horticultural Studies concentration must take an additional 7 concentration classes.

Additional Horticultural Studies concentration courses vary from semester to semester.

Horticultural Studies Concentration Courses: 
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