Regional Planning (MRP)

Mark Hamin, Program Director

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The goal of the Regional Planning Program is to stimulate creative and systematic approaches for addressing and resolving the physical, economic, and social problems of towns, cities, and larger regions. Faculty and students are committed to the attempt to anticipate and adequately prepare for the impact of growth and development on the environment and vice versa, and to resolve conflicts between development and the environment.

The program is based on combining theoretical, historical, social, political, and technical dimensions of planning practice with strong emphasis on practice through studio and service to nearby communities. The program is oriented toward both the intellectual and the professional aspects of regional planning. Our alumni can be found in all levels of government as well as in consulting practice, real estate development, private industry, and in academic and research activities. They have been involved on the frontiers of social change since the 1960s such as urban revitalization, environmental protection, advocacy planning, historic preservation, growth management, economic development and geographic information systems.

The two-year Master's degree program offers a rich educational experience in many areas of regional planning, including the underlying theories in planning, urban form, urbanization, elements of the planning and decision-making processes, policy analysis and implementation, social planning, information technology and planning tools and techniques. The main areas of concentration within the MRP program are:

In addition, links with the program in landscape architecture enable advanced students to work with other faculty members and students studying problems of landscape architecture and urban design.


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