Courses Offered

Listed here is a complete listing of course offerings in environmental design, landscape architecture, and regional planning.  Check Spire to see offerings for a particular semester, and the Course Catalog to check for prerequisites.  Syllabi may not be consistent with future course offerings, so check with the listed instructor for this year's plans for more details.

Studios                            Lectures/Seminars


LA 297A Models Studio (Fall, 3 Cr) Volpe

LA 297B Spaces & Places (Fall, 3 Cr) Sleegers

LA 397A Studio III Residential Garden (Fall, 3 Cr) Davidsohn

LA 397B Studio III Public Space Design (Fall, 3 Cr) Aragón

LA 497A Studio V Urban Design(Fall, 3 Credits) Sleegers

LA 497B Studio V Design Development II (Fall, 3 Cr) Thompson

LA 501 Studio I Introduction I (Fall, 3 Cr) Aragón

LA 503 Studio II Introduction II (Fall, 3 Cr) McGirr

LA 601 Studio V Landform (Fall, 3 Cr) LaCour

LA 603 Studio VI Cultural Landscapes (Fall, 3 Cr) Carr

LA 607/RP 697A Studio IX Landscape Planning (Fall, 3 Cr) Ryan

LA 609 Studio X Interdisciplinary Studio(Fall, 3 Cr) Lindhult

RP 675 Planning Studio (Fall, 6 Cr) Ramsey-Musolf


LA 297C Studio II Fundamentals 3 (Spring, 3 Cr) McGirr/Reid

LA 297D Studio II Fundamentals 4 (Spring, 3 Cr) Thompson/Aragón

LA 397C Studio IV Urban Agriculture (Spring, 3 Cr) Clouse/Aragón

LA 397D Studio IV Housing & Site Planning (Spring, 3 Cr) Volpe

LA 497C Capstone I (Spring, 3 Cr) Ryan

LA 497D Capstone II (Spring, 3 Cr) Carr

LA 554 Studio III Watershed (Spring, 3 Cr) LaCour

LA 556 Studio IV Garden and Landform (Spring, 3 Cr) ThompsonRP 

LA 604 Studio VII Urban Design (Spring, 3 Cr) DiPasquale

LA 606 Studio VIII Urban Design II (Spring, 3 Cr) Sleegers



ED 140 Awareness of Visual Environment (Fall, 4 Cr) McGirr

EDH 140 Honors Seminar (Fall, 1 Cr) McGirr

ED 197A/LA 197A Intro to Sustainable Planning & Design(Fall, 3 Cr) Clouse

ED 335/LA 592A Plants in the Landscape (Fall, 3+1 Cr) Thompson

ED 394 Research Issues in Environmental Planning & Design – IE (Fall, 3 Cr) M-Menezes

HRC 543/ Honors 391 History Honors Colloquium (Fall, 3 Cr)

ED/LA 543 History I (Fall, 4 Cr) Bischoff

ED/RP 574 City Planning (Fall, 3 Cr) M. Hamin

ED 591M Planning for Industrial Development (Fall, 3 Cr) Mullin

ED/RP 592D Intro to Urban Design (Fall, 3 Cr) DiPasquale

LA 191A Graphics (Fall, 3 Credits) Aragón

LA 397E/ LA 613 Site Engineering (Fall, 3 Cr) Lindhult

LA 547 Pattern & Process (Fall, 3 Cr) MacDonald

LA/RP 587 People and Environment (Fall, 2-3 Cr) Ryan

LA 591K Advanced Topics in Green Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (Fall, 3 Cr) Ahern

LA 597O Design Drawing (Fall, 3 Cr) McGirr

LA 597Q Urban Design Workshop (Fall, 3 Cr) Sleegers

LA/RP 663 Cultural Landscape Management (Fall, 3 Cr) Carr

LA/RP 691S Cultural Landscape Documentation, Planning & Policy (Fall, 3 Cr)

LC 107 Land Form/ Surveying (Fall, 4 Cr) Davidsohn

LC 112A Intro to Design A (Fall, 2 Cr) Volpe

LC 112B Intro to Design B (Fall, 2 Cr) Davidsohn

LC 198Y Summer Placement (Fall, 1 Cr) Davidsohn

RP 620 Quantitative Methodsin Planning (Fall, 3 Cr) Wallace

RP 630 Public Participation (Fall, 3 Cr) M-Menezes

RP 651 Planning History & Theory (Fall, 3 Cr) M Hamin

RP 652 Tools & Tech in Planning (Fall, 3 Cr) Feiden

RP 660 Planning with Multiple Publics (Fall, 3 Cr) Pader

RP 673 Spatial Analysis and Regional Development (Fall, 3 Cr) Renski

RP 691M Topics in the Industrial Development (Fall, 3 Cr) Mullin

RP 692E Interpreting Qualitative Research (Fall, 3 Cr) Pader

RP 891 Seminar in Adv theory (Fall, 1-3 Cr) M. Hamin

RP 892C PhD Workshop (Fall, 1 Cr) Renski


ED 197G Global Cities and Global Issues (Spring, 3 Cr) Ramsey-Musolf

ED 205 Dynamics Human Hab (Spring, 4Cr) Pader

ED 394A Junior Year Writing (Spring, 3Cr) Bischoff

ED/LA 544 History 2 (Spring, 3Cr) McGirr

ED/RP 577 Urban Policies (Spring, 3Cr) Pader

ED 591B/RP 580 Sustainable Cities (Spring, 3Cr) M. Hamin

ED 597A/LA 692F Computers in EnvDes (Spring, 3Cr) Lindhult

LA 294A/LA 614 Construction Materials (Spring, 3Cr) Davidsohn

LA 294B/LA 691C Construction Materials 2 (Spring, 3Cr) Davidsohn

LA 297M Business Concepts (Spring, 3Cr) Davidsohn

LA/RP 582 Green Urbanism Seminar (Spring, 3Cr) Ahern

LA 591A Roots and Branches (Spring, 3Cr) Volpe

LA/RP 591I Sustainable Green Infrastructure Planning & Design (Spring, 3Cr) Ryan

LA 593F LA Study Tour (Spring, 3Cr) Ahern

LA/RP 635 Research Issues(Spring, 3Cr) Carr

LA 651 Professional Practice (Spring, 3Cr) Sleegers

LA 692A Digital Technology Seminar (Spring, 3Cr) Lindhult

LdCon 104 Planting Design C (Spring, 3Cr) Reid

LdCon 105 Drafting (1st Half Only) (Spring, 3Cr)

LdCon 213C  Small Prop Design C (Spring, 3Cr) Thompson

LdCon 213D  Small Prop Design D (Spring, 3Cr) Reid

RP 553 Res Policy and Planning (Spring, 3Cr) M-Menezes

RP TBA Intro to Housing (Spring, 3Cr) Ramsey-Musolf

RP 580 Sustainable Cities (Spring, 3Cr) M. Hamin

RP 591K Downtown Revitalization (Spring, 3Cr) Mullin

RP 585/685  Planning for Climate Change: Seminar + Field Study in Belize (Spring, 3 or 4 Cr) E. Hamin

RP 625 Geographic Information Systems (Spring, 3Cr) Adjunct

RP 643 Econ Development Seminar (Spring, 3Cr) Renski

RP 645 Intro to Land Use (GM) (Spring, 3Cr) Ramsey-Musolf

RP 656 Judicial Planning Law (Spring, 3Cr) Seewald/Feiden

RP693F/LA 662 Cultural Heritage and International Sustainability (Spring, 3Cr) M-Menezes

RP 791WE Planning for Wind Energy (Spring, 3Cr) E. Hamin

RP 892D Ph.D. Seminar (Spring, 3Cr) Renski