Welcome to the Large Pelagics Research Center (LPRC), located in Gloucester, MA


Working closely with fishermen and using state-of-the-art technologies, we conduct biological and ecological research on pelagic species including tunas, sharks, billfish, and sea turtles.  We endeavor to develop scientific understanding that supports effective ecosystem-based management strategies for these highly migratory Atlantic species.

LPRC joined the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and the Graduate School of Marine Science in May 2010.  As part of the Marine Fisheries Institute, we are revitalizing the UMass Marine Lab at Gloucester’s Hodgkins Cove.


tagging team   blue fin   Hodgkins Cove

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Please visit our new website at www.tunalab.org.
For more information, contact us:
Emily Chandler, Program Manager
LPRC/UMass Amherst
PO Box 3188
Gloucester, MA 01930
echandler (at) eco.umass.edu