Sneha Vithal Shinde Picture of project

“Resurge: Redefining Stadium Design: Franklin Park" by Sneha Vithal Shinde (MLA)

Sneha Vithal Shinde landscape rendering 1

Sneha Vithal Shinde participated in the "Getting it Together in Franklin Park" studio. Students developed landscape plans aimed at strengthening community-use of Boston's largest open green space, Franklin Park. 









“I take immense pride in the collaborative effort that shaped my final design. Working closely with Professor Ethan Carr and my peers helped me incorporate a range of perspectives that enriched the project and contributed to the presentation that I believe reflects the essence of Franklin Park. Also, the integration of innovative solutions and sustainable design elements reflects the commitment to environmental responsibility." - Sneha Vithal Shind


Jack Malone drawing

"Modern Farmhouse" by Jack Malone (BSLA)

Jack Malone drawing1

Jack Malone participated in the BSLA Residential Design Studio, taught by Dan Gordon and Winfield Henry of Dan Gordon Landscape Architects. The class studied a scenic residential property with a deep natural and cultural landscape history located on the shore of Apponagansett Bay in Dartmouth, MA. Their task was to develop a design that enhances the landscape and meets the client’s goals for stewarding the property.

Jack's final project design, "Modern Farmhouse" focused on helping a client imagine the full potential of their unique, six-acre historical estate on the coast of Dartmouth, MA.


“My design process was inspired by the historic property, providing a modern contrast that both suits the homeowner and complements the existing beauty of the site"

- Jack Malone



Tatum Thomas

“Sidewalk Connectivity and Condition in Rural Transit Networks" by Tatum Thomas (MRP)

“Sidewalk Connectivity and Condition in Rural Transit Networks" poster by Tatum Thomas

Tatum Thomas, a dual degree Master of Regional Planning (MRP) and Geography graduate student won first place in the Rural Transit Assistance Program student poster competition. Tatum's poster "Sidewalk Connectivity and Condition in Rural Transit Networks” was presented as part of the 5th Annual National RTAP Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC in December 2023.

Tatum's poster is based on work they have done for their Master's project and thesis, and it was funded through LARP Assistant Professor Camille Barchers' grant from the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority. As part of their work, Tatum mentored Modesty Pernett, an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia through the NSF RIDE REU program hosted by the UMass Amherst College of Engineering’s Civil Engineering Department.