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The UMass Labor Center is well known for our expertise in strategic research. With the assistance of graduate students in the Labor Center, Tom Juravich has completed corporate research projects for USW, SEIU, DGA, AFM, UWUA, CUPE, COPE, and other unions and environmental organizations. As part of this work, Juravich has developed a framework for conducting strategic corporate research and has done extensive training about corporate research in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

As an extension of this work, Juravich developed, a comprehensive website for conducting research in the U.S. and Canada. This site introduces a framework and a visual representation of the 24 areas where you should direct your research. It outlines a series of questions for each of these areas for you to drill down to the specific information you need to gather about the firm you are investigating based on a method laid out in Juravich’s book chapter “Beating Global Capital: a Framework and Method for Union Strategic Corporate Research and Campaigns.” Rather than just providing a laundry list of URLs we provide links to a select group of websites to answer each of the questions and some basics on how to use these sites. In our experience it is best to focus on the most comprehensive websites for corporate research and learn how to use them.