Whether we hear from alumni or partner organizations, the buzz about our programs is fantastic...

"As an alumnus of the UMass Amherst Labor Studies program, I can attest that the program prepared me and many others for careers in the Labor Movement. Massachusetts Building Trades Unions rely on the UMass Labor Center for important research to advance struggles in our industry. "
-Frank Callahan, President, Massachusetts Building Trades Unions

“The Labor Center is one of the few places students and activists can call home and think creatively about the necessity to organize and put the movement back into the labor movement.”
- David deHoyos, SEIU 1877, Justice for Janitors, California

“It’s so much more than just a classroom experience. My internship gave me the opportunity to get involved in hands-on organizing, research, member mobilization, and coalition-building.”
- Erin Enwright, Council 93 AFSCME, Massachusetts

“I can say without hesitation that attending the Labor Center was a transformative experience. In addition to the important coursework taught by its outstanding faculty, I found that you will develop friendships with other folks dedicating their lives to the labor movement that will last the rest of your life!”
- Jerry Levinsky, SEIU 509, LC Alumnus and Adjunct Professor

“I am grateful to the Labor Center for connecting me to Community Labor United. As an intern there, I learned how to research the neoliberal structure that creates inaccessibility to Child Care for working families.” 
- Prayachi Goyal, Former GEO Co-Chair, UAW Local 2322