The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Write-alongs & Write-ins

Write-alongs are sets of writing prompts and challenges that guide participants through a daily writing practice. They are a chance for young writers to put into practice the lessons, techniques, and craft elements they have been learning throughout the week, or to simply write and explore on their own. The Write-along materials will remain accessible to participants after the program has ended.

Write-ins are optional live sessions, moderated by Juniper staff, where participants gather to write independently, together. Juniper staff — students in the UMass MFA for Poets and Writers — share generative prompts and multimedia inspiration, as well as help participants troubleshoot, share, brainstorm together, and build community in the creative process.

During Juniper's summer programs, participants receive two Write-alongs each day, for a total of ten self-guided writing sessions. During the JYWO Winter Workshops, participants receive one Write-along each day, for a total of four self-guided writing sessions.

Write-alongs and Write-ins are offered during the Juniper Institute for Young Writers, Juniper Young Writers Online, and the JYWO Winter Workshops.

Here's a sample of one of the Write-alongs from the 2020 summer program:

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Writer's Challenge: Try writing while drinking something hot or eating something crunchy!

Warmup: What's a snack you loved as a kid but haven't had recently?

5 Minute Prompt: Write an ad for an emotion as if its a consumable piece of food. What's its nutritional value? Is there anything in it thats 'unhealthy'?

15 Minute Prompt: Write a recipe for one of your favorite recipes. What ingredients go into it? How are they combined to create this experience?