Sponsors of the Juniper Institute for Young Writers

The Juniper Institute for Young Writers could not thrive without support from its community near and far. We are proud to partner with these sponsors and donors whose contributions have made it possible for many talented writers to participate in the Institute who would otherwise be unable to attend.

We welcome new sponsorship inquiries to support our Young Writer and adult programs. Please contact:

Betsy Wheeler, Director, Juniper Summer Writing Institute and Juniper Institute for Young Writers

(413) 545-8988


Supported by:

Massachusetts Cultural Council

“In receiving this scholarship, I truly felt that someone believed in me and my writing, and that someone had faith in what I had to say. Thank you for your support, for believing in me, and for giving me the opportunity to have all of these wonderful, life-changing experiences.” — 2017 Young Writer Scholarship Recipient

“Thank you so much! This was really an experience that changed my life and gave me people who changed my perspective and helped me grow as a person. I grew as a writer as well in a way I wouldn't have been able to if I hadn't been given the opportunity to be present with other young writers. So thank you! You have impacted my life in a beautiful way! ” — 2023 Young Writer Scholarship Recipient