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Seven Short Story Collections by Writers of Color

March 27, 2020

In school my assigned readings were usually by white men of European descent. We read Homer and Shakespeare and Steinbeck and Salinger. We read Orwell and Dickens and Fitzgerald - writers who didn...

Painting, Letters & Displacement

March 20, 2020

Write an abecedarian after Evie Shockley’s “tonight i saw” poem. Focus on an image that inspires you. Depict 26 thoughts, feelings, and sensations that follow the sight and/or thought of this image...

Inspiration in the Everyday

March 13, 2020

People often think of writing as a mystical exercise: A writer sits down in solitude and selects a pen, smooths a sheet of pristine paper, and spills out prose or poetry from a place of secret...

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A group of young writers work with watercolors in a cross-genre studio session at the Juniper Institute for Young Writers.

Hear what young writers have to say about their time at Juniper

"It was incredibly refreshing to meet a whole host of young writers who I immediately clicked with. Juniper offered me with a support system for the future to fall back on whenever I need an extra boost of confidence (whether it be in my personal life or with my writing). All in all, I learned a lot about myself as a writer and even more so about myself as a person." —JIYW Participant

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Juniper Institute for Young Writers

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Due to COVID-19, our in-person Institute was cancelled. We were thrilled to still be able to offer our usual programming, redesigned as a week of synchronous, dynamic and participatory online learning, sharing, and community building in July 2020. 

We will announce our programming for 2021 soon!

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