Our Curriculum

Note: The following are courses that are usually taught through the Online Certificate of Journalism. The program might, at any time, discontinue teaching any one of these courses, and it is likely to add other courses in the near future.

Here's a tentative year-round schedule of courses, and here's a more firmed-up schedule for the next academic session.


  • Journ 201: Intro to Journalism (4 credits, UMass GenEd SB)
  • Journ 292N: News Literacy (4 credits, UMass GenEd SB)
  • Journ 300: Newswriting and Reporting (4 credits)
  • Journ 335: Principles of Public Relations
  • Journ 301J: Food Writing (4 credits)
  • Journ 310: International Journalism (4 credits, UMass GenEd SB)
  • Journ 333: Intro to Visual Storytelling (4 credits, UMass GenEd AT)
  • Journ 391PR: Social Media and Public Relations
  • Journ 392P: Writing for Public Relations (4 credits)
  • Journ 392S: Opinion Writing (4 credits)
  • Journ 397U: Interviewing Essentials
  • Journ 445: Journalism and Law
  • Journ 460: Journalism Ethics
  • Journ 492M: Magazine Writing (4 cr.)

For more info on our curriculum, please contact Brian McDermott.

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