Full-Time Faculty

Razvan Sibii

Social Justice Journalism; International Journalism; Media, Culture & Technology; Readings in Journalism; Journalism Ethics (on-the-ground & online); Media Criticism; Newswriting and Reporting (on-the-ground & online); Intro to Journalism; Honors courses.

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. candidate, UMass Communication Department

S441 Integrative Learning Center | 413-545-5926


Razvan "Raz" Sibii holds a B.A. in Journalism/Mass Communication from the American University in Bulgaria. He received an M.A. degree in Communication from UMass Amherst in 2007, and he is currently finishing his Ph.D. dissertation in the same department. His scholarly research focuses on issues of language, identity construction and historical narratives. He has worked as a full-time print reporter in his native Romania, and is currently a freelance journalist. He loves teaching explanatory journalism courses, especially those devoted to the "wicked problems" of immigration and mass incarceration. He is the academic director of Power Up for College Success.

Syllabus for Journ 460: Journalism Ethics

Syllabus for Journ 497J: Social Justice Journalism: Immigration

Syllabus for Journ 497J: Social Justice Journalism: Mass Incarceration

Syllabus for Journ 410: Social Justice Journalism: Whiteness