Alumni Spotlights

Elisa Thomas, class of '95, is a content strategist at IBM Originals in New York.
Audie Cornish, class of '01, is the host of NPR's All Things Considered.
Will McGuinness, class of '10, is the director of marketing at Columbia University in New York.
Marc Randazza, class of '94, is a First Amendment attorney in Las Vegas.
Larry Carpman, class of '75, is a partner at Northwind Strategies and also teaches at Boston University.
Molly Quinn, class of '05, published a book after co-founding the blog Unhappy Hipsters. Currently, she is the director of content & creative, marketing at Aha!. 
Sean Dandley, class of '85, is the CEO of DSCI Corporation in Waltham, MA, and the benefactor of an equipment fund for the Journalism Program.
Carol Rosenberg, class of '81, covers Guantánamo Bay for the Miami Herald.
Ashleigh Barry, class of '99, has won three Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow Award for her television reporting.
Aaron Schachter, class of '92, is the Executive Producer and Editor for WGBH Radio News.
Janine Warner, class of '90, is the executive director of Sembra Media.   
James Villalobos, class of '17, is a reporter for Western Mass News in Springfield, MA. 
Taylor Snow, class of '14, is a team writer for the Boston Celtics. 
Mackenzie Maynard, class of '15, is a reporter for NBC 7 San Diego. 
Julie Shamgochian, class of '17, is a Business Development Coordinator at Code and Theory in NYC.
Dan Lamothe, class of '04, is a reporter covering the Pentagon and the U.S. military for The Washington Post.
Rosie Walunas, class of '11, is a documentary film producer.
AJ Gerritson, class of '99, is a founding partner of 451 Agency in Boston, MA. 
Chris Corso, class of '15, is the digital media coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings (NFL).
Nia Decaille, class of '15, is an SEO editor for The New York Times. 
Rahmah Pauzi, class of '13, is a video producer for BFM 89.9 in Malaysia. 
Sean Sullivan, class of '10, is a reporter for 
Dan Wetzel, class of '94, is a sports columnist at Yahoo! Sports. 
Jackie Hai, class of '09, is a digital editor at KUNC radio in Colorado.
Eric Athas, class of '08, is a senior editor of digital training at the New York Times. 
Maggie Freleng, class of '11, is an audio producer for NPR's Latino USA. 
David Scott, class of '93, is a senior director of communications at ESPN. 
Lisa Creamer, class of '14, is a digital news editor at WBUR in Boston, MA.
Daniel Rodriguez, class of '15, is an associate producer for NBC's "Stay Tuned".
Veronica Stracqualursi, class of ’14, is a breaking news reporter at CNN. 
Jennifer Feldshon, class of '17, is a publicist in NYC.
Maddison Raynor, class of '19, is a producer at NEWS CENTER Maine.
Ramona East, class of '18, is an associate director at Bay Path University.
Shaina Mishkin, class of '14, a reporter for Barron's.
Tom Hannigan, class of '18, a senior associate at the Bateman Agency.
Stephanie Murray, class of '18, author of POLITICO Morning Score.
Mike LaCrosse, class of '10, a reporter for WBZ-TV, CBS Channel 4 Boston.
Matt Vautour, class of '96, a sports columnist for MassLive.
Sara Cody, class of '10, a communications officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andy Rosen, class of '05, a business reporter at The Boston Globe.
Frannie Carr-Troth, class of '04, an editor for Cognoscenti, WBUR.
Alexandra Furlo, class of '17, a video editor at ESPN.
Brian Sullivan, class of '84, a reporter for Bloomberg.
Alvin Buyinza, class of '19, an editorial outreach assistant at The Conversation U.S.
Stephanie Ramírez, class of '16, a director of social and new media at Amherst College.
Liz Strzepa, class of '15, an anchor and reporter at NBC 5 News WPTZ-TV.
Anna Meiler, class of '12, is a general assignment reporter for WBZ-TV in Boston, MA.
Trudy Joseph, class of '17, is a managing editor at Apple Music Today.