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Kathleen Ralls, class of 2000, is a 2013-14 Fulbright Scholar in Norway who moonlights as a history teacher while coaching field hockey and track and field in the Lowell area.
Stephanie Ramirez, class of 2016, is currently a Communications Assistant at the Princeton University Library in Princeton, NJ. She mainly works in writing and social media. You can contact her by email
Siobhan Ramos, class of 2009, has enrolled in the Master of Letters program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Glasgow.
Tinker Ready, class of 1981, is a multimedia journalist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She covers health, science and general news. She graduated from UMass in 1981 with a degree in women's studies and a journalism minor. Back then, she wrote and broadcast news for The Women's Media Project, a weekly radio show on 91.1FM WMUA. Find her work in NEO.LIFE, The Boston Globe, Undark, Medscape, Nature Boston, Fast Company, The Washington Post, The News & Observer, Esquire and Parents, among others.  From 2015-2017, she wrote a column on hospitals quality issues for Health Leaders Media, a website hospital administrators. Ready is an adjunct professor at the Boston University College of Communication and the Northeastern University School of Journalism. Visit her website.
Julie Robenhymer, class of 2004, works as a senior writer at, where she blogs about teams from the NHL to the junior leagues. Her Twitter account is a popular spot for hockey fans, too.
Glen Roberts, class of 1994, is currently an active-duty Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, serving as the Director of the Air Force Entertainment Liasion Office in Hollywood, California. That office facilitate authentic U.S. Military presence and support in movies and television, including recent movies such as Godzilla, Man of Steel, Lone Survivor, Iron Man, Disney's PLANES, and several others. Television projects include recent episodes of Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and The Last Ship. He entered the USAF as an officer upon graduation in 1994, and has been delployed on five continents since. Roberts earned a Masters in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida in 2006 and a Masters in International Relations from Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterey, California, in 2008. He worked as a speechwriter and spokesman for UnderSecretary of State at the US Dept of State (2008-2010) in Washington, DC, and as an official spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force at the Pentagon from 2004-2006.
Sarah (DeMaster) Roggio, class of 1991, is a freelance Education and E-Learning Writer and Editor. She previously was a Curriculum Manager for Kaplan University, an online university, where "I have fun working with the faculty to develop Arts & Sciences courses. My job includes working with publishers to incorporate e-textbooks, audio, video, etc., and it's interesting to be participating in the 21st-century changes in the publishing world. My husband Neil and I love living in Chicago, where we've been since I got my master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University in '97. I moved into the world of education shortly afterward, writing for children's educational publishers. I continue to work on children's writing in my spare time; I'm attending the University of Chicago part-time to pursue a certificate in creative writing/novel, and am working on a historical novel for middle-grade students."
Kenneth Rolt, class of 1984, is a Chief Scientist at AIRMAR Technology Corp. At UMass, he was a double maor in journalism (B.A) and mechanical engineering (B.S.M.E.), and then recieved 1991 S.M. from MIT in ocean engineering, and 1994 Ph.D. from MIT in acoustics, and a lot of engineering in between and since. Contact him by email
Christa Romano, class of 2010, works in Marketing and Business Development for a start up called Bublup. Before moving back to New York, Christa was the Editor in Chief of Thailand Property Magazine, a start-up magazine distributed all over the country. She moved to Thailand after working for a digital marketing agency in New York City. 
Steven Rosenberg, class of 1981, is a reporter at The Jewish Journal. After working as a TV documentary director for 17 years, Steven Rosenberg returned to print journalism, and in 2002 became a staff reporter for The Boston Globe. Rosenberg still makes films. His latest documentary, "For the Sake of Allah" is scheduled to be released in 2009. It focuses on the leadership and theology of Hamas, and includes interviews with jailed Hamas leaders who oversaw numerous suicide bombings in Israel.
Debra Roth, class of 1980, is a Communications consultant at Roth Communication,  Africa's leading Narrative Intelligence™ consultancy. "The company helps South African and international companies, non-profit organisations and universities to assess whether their business objectives are being realized - through the power of Story and best practice communications solutions."
Morgan Rousseau, class of 2007, is now working as Managing Editor at Metro US.  This is what she said  a few years ago: "Greetings! I am a 2007 graduate of UMass, where I double majored in Journalism and Communications with a Film Studies Certificate. After about a year of struggling in the Big Apple, a city I glamorized as the Mecca of journalism, I finally landed a great gig at Fox News National headquarters, where I am a Media Desk Production Assistant. I also have been freelancing at local newspapers since moving here after graduation.  I've been humbled by my experience of job hunting in this industry. I've learned that you have to make your own opportunities in life, and perseverance and patience are a must! In the end it pays off, although I know I'm a long way from the finish line, I am confident it is waiting for me on the horizon. I want to wish the best of luck to the aspiring journalists of UMass, and give them one important message -- THE COLLEGIAN AND OR INTERNSHIPS REALLY ARE A MUST (and they are a blast, too!). Best Regards, Morgan Rousseau"
Anthony Rouzier, class of 2009, is currently a Head Coach for a German football team, the Hamburg Huskies. 
Jason M. Rubin, class of 1985, has been a senior writer at Libretto Inc., a strategic messaging and content development firm located in Boston, for the past 14 years. Prior to that, he was a key member of various corporate communications, marketing communications, public relations, and investor relations groups in leading companies. He also does freelance journalism and marketing writing. In September 2012, his first novel, The Grave & The Gay, was published by Vantage Point Publishing.
Naomi Rudov, class of 2005, is now the Assistant Director of Communications at The Winsor School in Boston. In May 2013, she received her Master's in Communications Management from the Simmons School of Management. Previously, she worked in the Simmons athletics department as the Sports Information Director from 2008-2011, then as the Marketing and Communications Manager from 2011-13.