Adrienne Matt Women in Sports Journalism Scholarship 2018 Recipient

Mollie Walker | Photo Credit: Beth Wallace

During her time at UMass Amherst studying sports journalism and law, Adrienne Matt was sports editor of the Daily Collegian, an occasional sportscaster for WMUA FM radio as well as a stringer for the New York Times, Associated Press and Boston Globe.

“Paying for college was really tough for me,” said Matt. “I was an out-of-state student and paid for tuition, books, housing and food by myself. I worked two to four jobs just to make ends meet while attending class only two days a week.”

To help ease the financial burden of students in a similar situation, Matt created the Adrienne Matt Scholarship for Women in Sports Journalism. “My hope is that with a little financial relief, the student who receives this scholarship can focus on learning in class as well as writing/editing/producing good work so she graduates with a robust portfolio,” she said. 

The $2,000 annual scholarship is earmarked for a junior or senior interested in sports journalism. The 2018 scholarsphip was awarded to Mollie Walker '19. Walker interned with the sports section of the New York Post during the summer of 2018, something she credits as a result of recieving the scholarship and support from the department. 

“Women continue to be underrepresented on sports desks across the country, said Sports Journalism Director Steve Fox. "Our sports journalism concentration prioritizes women's issues within sports journalism and works hard to place women in sports jobs across the country. Adrienne is a tremendous friend to the department and her scholarship helps to strengthen our mission.”

Matt has operated her own consulting buisness for 17 years.

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