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Judaic Studies


The minor in Judaic Studies or Hebrew enables students to gain grounding in a particular facet of the discipline without fulfilling the full range of major requirements. Students majoring in any field will find the Minor in Judaic Studies or Hebrew an attractive way either to broaden their academic perspectives or add depth to their specific areas of study.

To declare a minor in either Judaic Studies or Hebrew, complete the Declaration of Academic Minor Form, available at the Registrar’s website, and bring it with your transcript to your academic advisor.

Degree Requirements

Judaic Studies

  1. JUDAIC 101 (The Jewish Experience I: Ancient to Medieval) and 102 (The Jewish Experience II: Medieval to Modern)
  2. Four 3-or-4 credit Judaic Studies courses (at or above the 200 level).


  • Six 3 or 4-credit courses (at or above 200 level and at least 18 credits) in Hebrew language, linguistics, literature, or culture