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Hadi Jorati

Assistant Professor of History & Near Eastern Studies

(413) 545-6782

709 Herter Hall

Hadi Jorati is a historian of Pre-modern Islamic societies, with a focus on Intellectual History and History of Science. He is a specialist in the philology of Classical languages of the Islamic tradition, with extensive work experience in Islamic manuscripts. Jorati earned his PhD in the History of Culture of the Islamic World, from Yale, with a dissertation focusing on the social and intellectual History.

The focus of his work is the world of Medieval Islam with occasional forays into the Late Antique or Pre-modern period. Professor Jorati's research is broadly concerned with the interaction between scholar and society. Topics within this genre include education, institutions of learning, scholarly circles, scholarly correspondence, movement of scholars, and court patronage. Jorati's current book project is a micro study of the social background to the intellectual career of one of the most influential Medieval Islamic scholars, the mathematician and philosopher Nasir al-Din Tusi, who also served in the administration of Mongol Iran.

Jorati's other ongoing research projects include, in social history of science: i) Revisiting Umar Khayyam's mathematical career, and ii) The Anwa' tradition as the Arabic science of the stars, and in Medieval Islamic history: i) Ilkhanid historiography in light of textual criticism, ii) The roots of Ilkhan-Mamluk military engagement during the Bahri period, and iii) the Persian secretarial families of greater Khurasan. A former research mathematician, Jorati has taught at Princeton University, University of British Columbia, Yale University, and the Ohio State University, prior to arriving at Massachusetts. At Amherst he will be teaching courses on Islamic History, History of Science and Philosophy, and the Classical Arabic and Persian literary traditions.