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Judaic Studies

Major in Judaic Studies

The major in Judaic Studies offers a wide range of courses that explore the history and cultures of the Jewish people from antiquity to the present. These include introductory and upper-level  course offerings in Hebrew language, Yiddish, Jewish history, Israel studies, philosophy, law, politics, and film. 

Degree Requirements

  1. JUDAIC 101 (The Jewish Experience I: Ancient to Medieval) and 102 (The Jewish Experience II: Medieval to Modern)
  2. Six 3-or-4 credit upper-division Judaic Studies courses (at or above the 200 level).
  3. Two years of Hebrew or another approved language. Hebrew is usually fulfilled by Elementary and Intermediate Modern Hebrew (110, 120, 230, & 240). 
  4. Junior Year Writing requirement
  5. Integrative Experience Seminar



  • The Judaic Studies major requires at least a C grade in courses taken towards the major.
  • No course with a Pass grade can be accepted for major credit.
  • Departmental Honors require an Honors project undertaken during a student’s final year.