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Judaic Studies

Judaic Studies Program

The program in Judaic Studies at UMass offers a range of exciting opportunities to explore the remarkable history and cultures of the Jewish people that span more than three millennia. Students are invited to enroll in a full range of courses in Hebrew language, Yiddish, Jewish history, Israel studies, philosophy, law, politics, and film. These courses provide critical perspective on the role played by Jewish culture in the development of human civilization. As an interdisciplinary program, Judaic Studies exposes students to a variety of perspectives on issues of enduring importance and global concern. Students may choose from a wide selection of introductory and advanced courses in Jewish history, culture, and thought, a full program in Hebrew language and literature, and Yiddish language.

Beyond the core area of instruction, the curriculum also includes courses offered by several faculty holding joint or adjunct appointments in Judaic Studies.  Students are also encouraged to spend one or two semesters of study at a recognized Israeli university, and may, with prior permission, apply Judaic and Hebrew credits toward their major in Judaic Studies. Information on available programs may be obtained from the International Programs Office.