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Frequently Asked Questions

Special Circumstances Related to Course Enrollment: Independent Study Courses, Practica, and Waiver of Prerequisite Requirements

If students wish to enroll in a Judaic and Near Eastern Studies course but are unable to register through SPIRE owing to a special circumstance (e.g. independent study, practicum, or waiver of prerequisites), they may still be able to do so with the instructor’s permission. To request permission, students must complete Sections 1 and 2 of the Department Course Enrollment Form, and email the completed (typed) form with a detailed request to the course instructor. If the enrollment request is approved, the instructor will complete Section 3, digitally sign and date, and email the form to the department to enroll the student in the course. Both the student and instructor will receive an email confirmation of enrollment or will be notified if there are any complications that prevent enrollment.

For independent study courses, the following items must be listed in a separate document, called an independent study contract, together with the Department Course Enrollment Form:

  • Description of the independent study
  • Description of work to be performed
  • Reading list
  • Grading Criteria

There is no template form to complete. This is an original document, to be drafted by the student and instructor, is submitted to the instructor for approval, and is then sent electronically to the department.

Tip: Be sure to save the PDF Department Course Enrollment form on your computer before you enter text. The form will not save your edits if you open it in a web browser or image viewer. Please open the document using Adobe PDF, and save your changes after you complete the form, before emailing the document.

Please visit the linked help pages for technical assistance with editing PDF forms and digitally signing PDF. The UMass IT Help Desk (413-545-9400) may also provide support.