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Robert and Pamela Jacobs 2023 Lecture in Jewish Culture

Professor Sarah Abrevaya Stein

Wartime North Africa

Lecture by Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Professor of History, Director of the Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies, and the Viterbi Family Chair in Mediterranean Jewish Studies at UCLA

Sarah Abrevaya Stein has spent a decade seeking out the voices of those who experienced fascist rule in Vichy-controlled Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, Nazi-controlled Tunisia, and Italian fascist Libya.  The diversity and eloquence of their accounts is staggering.  Theirs are the voices of oracles, critics, resistance fight­ers, soldiers, narrators, translators, philanthropists, and religious leaders; Jews, Muslims, and Christians; women, men, and children; people of all races, classes, and regions; local North Africans, the displaced, and refugees from Europe.  In this talk, Prof. Stein surveys the historical landscape of World War Two era North Africa, exploring histories of race laws, internment, forced labor, deportation, and the everyday experiences of the region's Jewish children, women, and men.  


This lecture is free and open to the public.

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