OEI Winners

The Open Education Initiative is a faculty incentive program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that encourages the use of existing low-cost or free information resources to support our students’ learning.

Name Department Proposed Project Date Semester
Karen Kurczynski Art History Utilize available sources from art databases such as Google Art, Khan Academy, Architecture Daily, and Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. 2017 Spring
Katie Kirakosian Anthropology Create an Introduction to Archaeology in North America open textbook with a facilitation guide with lesson plans. 2017 Spring
Kimberly Dion Nursing Use library journals and state & federal websites. 2015 Fall
Kinuyo Kanamaru Geosciences Use recorded lectures, free online videos, scientific articles & open online educational applications. 2015 Fall
Laetitia La Follette Art History Art History 100: Survey of Art 2013 Spring
Laetitia La Follette Art History Art History 115: Introduction to the Visual Arts 2012 Fall
Leda Cooks Communication Communication 620: Qualitative Methodologies 2011 Fall
Leda Cooks Communication Communication 694: Food Cultures 2012 Spring
Lisa DePiano Stockbridge School of Agriculture Permaculture 197G: Introduction to Permaculture 2012 Fall
Lori Astheimer Best Psychology Create detailed lecture slides with original open access visual materials, use excerpts from existing textbooks, and utilize articles from library databases. 2017 Spring
Marc Liberatore Computer Science Rewrite course lecture notes and assignments into a short, readable text and set of associated exercises and assignments. 2017 Spring
Maria Jose Botelho Sport Management Education 615N: Children and Their Literacies 2011 Fall
Melba Jensen English Create eBook with public domain literature, use library articles, & have students create knowledge base. 2015 Fall
Michael Knapp Chemistry Use the free OpenStax Chemistry textbook with the Perusall reading comprehension tool. 2017 Spring
Mila Getmansky Sherman Management Work with PhD candidates to identify web-based materials and work with students to develop their own materials. 2015 Fall
Miliann Kang Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies Women's Studies 187: Gender, Sexuality and Culture 2012 Fall
Nicholas Reich Pre-Dental Public Health 590F: Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Visualization 2012 Fall
Pam Trafford Accounting School of Management 797: Financial Reporting for Decision Making 2011 Fall
Pam Trafford Accounting School of Management 630: Accounting for Decision Making 2011 Fall
Patricia Bianconi Chemistry Chemistry 342: Inorganic Chemistry 2013 Spring
Philippe Baillargeon French and Francophone Studies Use public domain and library resources as well as free online newspapers. 2015 Fall
Sanjiv Gupta Resource Economics Sociology 212: Introductory Statistics 2011 Fall
Sara E. Jackson Germanic and Scandinavian Studies Collect free/open reading assignments, grammar exercises & work-sheets to accompany German-language films. 2015 Fall
Sergio Brena Civil & Environmental Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering 433: Reinforced Concrete Design 2013 Spring
Shona Macdonald Social Thought and Political Economy Art 697: Graduate Teaching Workshop 2012 Spring



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