OEI Winners

The Open Education Initiative is a faculty incentive program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that encourages the use of existing low-cost or free information resources to support our students’ learning.

Name Department Proposed Project Date Semester
Allen Barker Stockbridge School of Agriculture Plant, Soil, & Insect Sciences 530: Plant Nutrition 2012 Fall
Ashley Woodman Sociology Create original open education textbook for an Impact of Disabilities on Families course. 2017 Spring
Barbara Roche Japanese Language & Literature Journalism 397: Entreprenurial Journalism 2012 Fall
Bogdan Prokopovych Management Identify less technical articles available through library journals, and chapters of selected books. Identify alternative to Harvard Business School Publishing platform. 2015 Fall
Briankle Chang Communication Communication 318: Comparative Communication Theory 2013 Spring
Briankle Chang Communication Communication 491: Introduction to Semiotics 2012 Fall
Briankle Chang Communication Communication 794: Seminar on Cultural Studies TBA
Brokk Toggerson Physics Organize existing free resources in a central location to improve navigation for students and use Perusall, a new reading enhancement tool. 2016 Spring
Carlos Gradil Sustainable Horticulture Animal Sciences 421: Fundamentals of Reproduction 2012 Fall
Charlie Schweik Environmental Conservation Natural Resource Conservation 409: Natural resource Policy and Administration 2012 Spring
Charlie Schweik Environmental Conservation Natural Resource Conservation 592: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 2011 Fall
Christine Hatch Geosciences Geoscience-Natural Resource Conservation 297RL: Reading the Landscape TBA
D. Joseph Jerry Veterinary & Animal Sciences Collaborate with colleagues in the field to create a downloadable free textbook from lecture materials. 2015 Fall
Daiheng Ni Civil & Environmental Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering 520: Traffic Flow Theory 2013 Spring
Daniel Wang Astronomy Evaluate existing available open textbooks and modify them. Revise lecture slides, quizzes, homework, reading assignments, and exams. 2016 Spring
Elizabeth Chilton Anthropology Anthropology 396: North American Anthropology 2012 Summer
Evan Ross Public Policy & Administration Create a social enterprise network textbook using the Pressbooks web publishing software and use free online resources such as the BBC and Solutions Journalism Network. 2017 Spring
Graciela Monteagudo Sociology Create original open source Introduction to Radical Social Theory textbook using the Pressbooks web publishing software. 2017 Spring
H.K. Hsieh Management Statistics 501: Methods of Applied Statistics 2012 Fall
Jeffrey Starns Psychology Turn course slides into a stand alone textbook. 2015 Fall
Jerimiah Bentley Accounting Find/develop reading material needed to supplement free eBook and create a large bank of practice problems on Blackboard to replace existing elearning software. 2017 Spring
John Brigham Political Science Replace textbook with free Government material from Supreme Court website, Wikipedia, Oyez, Library of Congress and National Constitution Center 2016 Spring
John Gerber Stockbridge School of Agriculture Plant, Soil, & Insect Sciences 290U: Urban Agriculture: Innovative Farm Systems 2012 Summer
Jonathan Wynn Sociology Identify open textbooks and develop a digital archive where materials can be housed online. 2016 Spring
Julia Choi Kinesiology Compile chapters from multiple textbooks & store on content management system. 2015 TBA



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