IT Minor

This minor is available to all undergraduate students in every major across the campus, regardless of their primary field of study, and IT students bring a variety of strengths and perspectives to their studies.

Our approach is to encourage students to major in a field they are passionate about, and then supplement that with an IT Minor. The framework of the IT Minor ensures that students have technical training, understand the human dimensions of IT, and understand how IT impacts, or might impact, their fields. Within this framework, students can choose from a set of 106 courses (and growing) the six courses that are most relevant to them.

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IT Minor Requirements


Enroll into the IT Minor with the form below.

IT Minor Enrollment Form

We encourage you to enroll as early as possible in order to help you plan your academic progress and ensure timely completion within the IT Minor.


Registration Issues

Courses limited to majors and/or it has prerequisites
If a course is limited to majors and/or it has prerequisites, minors may have difficulty registering for some courses via SPIRE. (This is caused, in part, because SPIRE doesn't track minors of any type.) As an IT Minor, you still have an opportunity to register for the course!

Make sure you are enrolled in the IT Minor (see above) and then contact the course instructor. Explain that you are an IT Minor and that you would like to take their class. Space permitting, the instructor may allow you to enroll in the class. It is the instructor's discretion to allow students into his/ her course. The instructor will want to make sure you are adequately prepared to take the course, but you may not have to take the listed prerequisites.

If an instructor would like to verify that you are an IT Minor student, please have them contact our office. Please see our Contact Page for details.

Isenberg School of Management Course Override Form


Minimum required credits and courses are 6 courses & 18 credits. If the Foundation course is waived, a minimum of 5 courses and 15 credits is required.


Courses for the IT Minor must be distributed across four categories:

  • Foundation (x1)
  • Technical (x2)
  • Broadened Inquiry (x1)
  • Elective (x2)

Our Course Catalog lists courses and their categories.

  • Extra Broadened Inquiry and Technical courses may be used as satisfying Elective Requirements.
  • Broadened Inquiry courses, unless noted in the IT Minor Course Catalog, can not be used as Technical Requirements.
  • Electives can not be used to satisfy Broadened Inquiry or Technical Requirements.
  • Foundation courses can not be used to satisfy any other category.
  • Please, see an advisor if any clarification is needed.

Other Requirements 

  • Double Dipping:  Courses applied to the IT Minor may also be counted toward the major or general education requirements. Although these courses may coincide with requirements for your specific field of study, at least two of the courses used to complete the IT Minor must be taken outside of your major. Further, no more than two required courses within your major may be used to fulfill the requirements of the IT Minor. Please note that, per University regulation, a course may only be applied to two credentials (major, minor or certificate).
  • Transferred Courses: Acceptance of Transfer Credit from another institution is not assured and must be pre-approved. A maximum of one transfer course is allowed. This can only be used to fulfill the Elective catagory of requirements and must have received a grade of B or better.
  • Grade Requirements: Students must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA for courses applied to the minor and may only count one grade below a C (2.0) toward the minor.


Accepting Grades

  1. Pass/ Fail will not be accepted.
  2. All of a student's IT Minor courses must be taken on a graded basis, and, for those courses, your cumulative GPA must be 2.0.

Foundation Waiver

The foundation course can only be waived for equivalent coursework or documented and valuated training. We have no way of evaluating learning you may have done on your own through work experience. If you believe that you can document equivalent learning, discuss this with the IT advisor. Any exemptions to Curriculum or Foundation waiver must be approved by the IT Program Director.

Contact Advisor

Practicum/ Internships

Pre-Approved Required

It is possible to count practicum or internship (minimum of 3 credits) as one, and only one, of your IT Minor Elective requirements.

This requires the prior approval of the IT Advisor.

You must demonstrate sufficient IT content in the experience.

Contact IT Advisor


IT Minor Enrollment
Enrollment Form

Completion of IT Minor
IT Minor Declaration of Completion of an Academic Minor Form

IT Minor Course Tracking Form .xls

Submit Forms to:
Information Technology Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst
151 Presidents Dr.
Fine Arts Center, Rm. 454
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003

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Completing Your Minor

Criteria for Review

Note:  Requesting a review of a student's course requirements does not qualify as approval of a Declaration of Completion of an Academic Minor by the IT Program or its staff.

  1. Submit when all requirements have been completed, or during the final semester just prior to graduation.
  2. Submit web form or deliver completed hard copy form to our offices.  See Contact Page for location.
  3. IT Program Academic Advisor will review your submission.
  4. Once approved, the declaration form will be delivered to Registrars Office. Processing takes one to two weeks time once final grades are received.
  5. IT Minor will be added your transcript.
  6. Once a student graduates, courses may not be taken to complete the IT Minor per University policy.
  7. Ordinarily, courses applied to a minor must be completed prior to graduation per University policy.

Submit Declaration Form

Declaration of Completion of an Academic Minor Form

Course Catalog

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Course Catalog


Advisor: Ben Conrick