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Completing the IT Minor 

Students must submit a Declaration for Completion of Academic Minor form to the IT Academic Advisor when they are in their last semester prior to graduation and have completed all requirements or in their last course(s) for the IT Minor. The IT Advisor will evaluate your submission and inform you of the results. 

Registration Issues

SPIRE doesn't track minors of any type and can't verify if the student meets course prerequisites for a given course when attempting to enroll.  If course requirements hinder registering for a course, students will have to request an enrollment override from the faculty directly.

Course Overrides

  1. Contact the faculty   
  2. Inform faculty that you are an IT Minor and would like to enroll into the class.
  3. Space permitting and if he/she will waive any prerequisites, the instructor may allow you to enroll in the class. 
  4. If an instructor would like to verify that you are an IT Minor student, please have them contact our office.  Please see our Contact Page for details.


Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the IT advisor to ensure that the courses you plan to take meet all the requirements of the IT Minor.  

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